All VPN servers know not only who you are, but also what you are doing. Your VPN company knows everything about you and you cannot hide anything from them. This leads to many potential risks: the VPN company may receive court orders, the VPN company may sell your data, some employee in the VPN company may censor your activities, government agencies may have backdoor of the VPN, even worse, the VPN might be set up by government agency as a honey pot, etc. Using a VPN, your online privacy and security could be jeopardized more than without using a VPN. Now you raise your biggest concern: how can I trust a VPN? To gain your trust, all VPN companies make claims such as no logging and different jurisdiction other than the United States. But you are still concerned, because some no logging claims turned out not to be true, and many potential risks cannot be addressed by or out of control of the VPN company.

With TIPAS, all the mentioned risks are eliminated by our most advanced VPN technology instead of unverifiable claims.

With other VPNs, your internet traffic is routed through just one hop, the VPN server. While with TIPAS, your internet traffic is routed through two hops, the first hop and then the second hop. The first hop is not aware of what you are doing because the traffic is encrypted between you and the second hop; while the second hop is not aware of who you are because the first hop separates you and the second hop apart. The first and second hop are owned by different companies and they can reside in different countries. You even do not need to trust either the first or the second hop because neither of them knows who you are and what you are doing. On the whole internet, no single entity knows who you are and what you are doing.

The Internet is full of dangers and you deserve peace of mind when using it. With TIPAS, you can finally have it.

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